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TI Course FAQs

Below are some of the most common questions we have regarding the TI Course and our responses.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if your question isn’t here, or you’d like a more in-depth answer!  You can email us or call us on 01967 411222. 

What happens if I do not pass everything?

There is no pass or fail for the TI Course, but it’s about you getting the right qualifications for what you want to do next.

I only want one or two of the qualifications. Can I do part of the course but not the whole thing?

Yes.  The Course is split into a series of modules lasting from 4 days to 10 weeks, so even if you can’t join us for a full year you can still pick up some of the qualifications. See the NGB section on our website.

It sounds like a lot of money... does it cover everything?

We recommend that you have a few items of personal outdoor kit for the Course, some of which you may already have.  This includes waterproofs, helmets and a climbing harness.  This kit won’t just be used for the Course, but will hopefully last you for years to come!  The Course fees include full board accommodation, transport, instruction as well as assessment and NGB membership fees.  We can advise you with what kit to buy.

What’s the point of placement?

There are a few reasons that we have placement as part of the Course.  First it gives you some really hands-on experience with groups, invaluable if you want to go on to be an outdoors instructor and great experience for any role working with people.  Secondly it allows you to gain the sessions in different activities you need for your final assessments in August.  It gives you experience of the other Abernethy Centres too.

How does the Christian stuff work?

One of the main goals of the TI Course is encouraging your spiritual growth.  You’ll get to take part in Team Fellowship once a week – this could be a Bible Study, a DVD series, a worship night or something totally different.  We also have a short thought for the day every morning which both TIs and staff take turns to prepare.  There are other opportunities throughout the year such as prayer evenings and worship nights as well as attending Team Conference (3 days of teaching and fellowship), and 3 days of Apologetics training later on in the year.  We are also involved in the local church.

Am I too old? (Am I too young?!)

There is no upper age limit to the course as long as you are fit and active.  Each year there is a different range of ages.  To do the course you need to be 18 by the end of November in the year you start the course – this is because there are age limits on the external qualifications you sit.

It all sounds a bit scary – are the activities safe?

There will always be an element of risk involved with the adventurous activities that you will take part in over the TI Course, but we minimise this risk through appropriate safety equipment and procedures.  The progression on the course is gradual and the level of challenge will be appropriate for your skill level.  Provided that you pay attention to what your instructors are saying and use some common sense when out and about, you are unlikely to have any major issues. 

How do holidays work? Do I get time off during the week?

There will be instructors teaching for five days a week, so the remaining two are all yours!  There’s also longer periods of time off over Christmas and at other points throughout the year.


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