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Be Involved with us!

Abernethy is grateful to anyone who wants to Be Involved in our ministry.  Previously known as “Friends of Abernethy”, many of you have given of your time, talents and money to help develop our Centres, our teams and our work.  Through prayer, regular or one-off financial giving, networking, offering professional skills and by leaving legacies you have encouraged our teams and have made a real impact through development projects that have been made possible.  If you would like to become a supporter click HERE.

At the bottom of the page you can find out yearly Be Involved Review of the Year. 

If you have not previously been involved in this vital behind the scenes work and are keen to play a part in Abernethy, why not have a look at some of the suggestions below and Be Involved! 


Each month we produce a prayer e-newsletter with items that we would like our friends to pray for.  These prayer points help to give our pray-ers an insight into the demands and the benefits of our Christian ministry and regardless of whether you are part of one of our prayer groups who meet regularly or whether you pray independently, we value your time and commitment and are encouraged by your prayers.  Sign up to be added to the prayer news mailing list.

Becoming an Ambassador

Word of mouth is extremely important to us.  There is nothing more valuable than hearing about an amazing experience from someone else.  If you have some knowledge of any of our Centres, through previous experience staying or working with us or maybe you have a child or a sibling working at an Abernethy centre, we would be pleased for you to pass on information to others.  To enable you to do this, contact the marketing department at Head Office which can equip you with up to date promotional information to distribute at your church, school or youth group.  We know from experience that many people come to Abernethy as team member or a guest because of a recommendation from a friend or colleague.

Giving financially

donate_Square.jpgOver the years, many projects have been financed by generous donations – from dining room carpets to chairs to new sports facilities – each donation, large or small will be put to good use.  You may wish to give regularly or as a one off and you may wish to nominate a specific use for the money or leave it up to the Abernethy to decide. 

For our 40th anniversary in 2011, a Bursary Fund was established which gives grants to those otherwise unable to visit an Abernethy Centre and, to date, many people have benefitted from Bursary money. Whatever you decide, the money will be spent wisely and if you are a UK VAT payer, the Gift Aid Scheme will give us a valuable boost to your donation

Leaving a legacy

Remembering Abernethy in your will ensures that we can continue to spread the good news of Jesus to more and more guests each year and legacies are very welcome.

Youth Involved

If you are under 25 and would like to be part of Youth Involved then get in touch.  You may want to come and help on a work weekend or be an activity group leader or general volunteer during the summer.  If you are leaving home and going on to university you could be a valuable Christian Union link for us so let us know!  As we have already said, word of mouth is really important to us and we would be delighted if you could tell your friends, bring your youth fellowship or simply organise a weekend away for your sports club.  Contact us if you would like to be involved.



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