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Learning about others and things bigger than ourselves...

“I believe the Explore programme is so important – it allows children to experience values through faith. It all links in really well with our school values.”

Here at Abernethy, we work with hundreds of school children each year using the outdoors and adventure activities to help young people grow in the four capacities of the Curriculum for Excellence and to help them learn through their experience outside the classroom. We follow the ethos of the Scottish Government’s current policy on Religious Observance / Time for Reflection as part of our Explore programme.

"Modern/relevant concepts discussed in a fun and engaging way. An appropriate length of time and catchy songs."

What is Explore?

Explore makes connections between morals and values and how we live our lives using the rich resources of our traditions, especially the Christian tradition, to enable this development to progress.

Explore is an inclusive and valuable time for young people to reflect on what they have learnt.  This mostly happens at the end of a day of fun but is sometimes a reflection at the start, depending on the Centre.

Our team have a genuine desire to help young people grow into well-rounded individuals aware of their actions.  Teacher feedback is that our team are tremendous role models to our young guests and that it helps teach children to respect the beliefs of everyone.

What does it look like?

An Explore session is a short informal session including games, activities, discussion and stories, presented by our staff teams, alongside their stories of their own Christian faith, values and identity.

What is it not?

Children, young people and adults from many different faiths and backgrounds visit our centres and so our aim is that even those with no religion will find the messages relevant.  Our teams are used to communicating to those of faith and no faith.  Explore is not a time to urge people to follow a particular faith although we will use the resources of the Christian tradition to provide examples during this time for reflection.

“We enjoy the Explore sessions as they link so well to the health and wellbeing themes associated with building positive relationships and successful teamwork.”

Who can take part?

Explore sessions are led by all members of our staff team and are a great way for our guests to get to know us a little better. We encourage participation from our guests and hope that teaching staff and pupils from all backgrounds would attend this fun and enjoyable part of the Abernethy experience!

Is it optional?

Explore is a normal part of life in all the Abernethy centres and as it fulfils the ethos and adopts the criteria of Religious Observance it is hoped that all visiting schools will take part. If you wish to opt out, please let us know in advance of your visit so we can alter your programme accordingly.

What about High School students?

We tailor our programme to be age-appropriate: of course, the concerns of a P5 pupil will not be the same as that of an S4 pupil.  At Nethybridge, we are trialling a new Explore programme called “Rewrite your story”, where we want to help young people develop a greater awareness of their own personal identities. Sessions during the week include:

  • The world of Social Media and its impact
  • Considering the power of our thoughts and how our beliefs about ourselves affect our actions
  • The importance of positive relationships
  • How failure, if handled correctly, can lead to success.

Call the centre of your choice to discuss this or any other questions you may have about your visit:

Abernethy Ardeonaig: T | 01567 820523 or e-mail us

Abernethy Ardgour: T | 01967 411222 or e-mail us

Abernethy Barcaple: T | 01557 820261 or e-mail us

Abernethy Nethybridge: T | 01479 821279 or e-mail us


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