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Fundraising News 

Keep up to date with our fundraising news so far and events coming up...

New Courtyard Film (March 2018)

We are incredibly grateful to The Edinburgh Film Company who made us this film as a free gift, to help share more of the story of Abernethy and The Courtyard Project.

Courtyard Corner (February 2018)

We created a 'Courtyard Corner' display at Nethybridge so that all our visitors can see more about what The Courtyard is and what's been happening with the fundraising.

Recipe Calendar (January 2018)

We asked our team and board members to share some of their favourite recipes and we complied the best of the best into an Abernethy Calendar for 2018.  Of course we made sure to throughly taste the recipes each time and we can vouch for the fact that they are all top notch!

Jamberry Party (December 2017)

One of our team members is a Jamberry rep (selling hand and nail products).  We had a pre-dinner party at Team Conference in December where she very kindly donated her commission to The Courtyard.  Some money was also raised through delicious mocktail refreshments!

Nethy's Festive Fundraiser (December 2017)

Nethy hosted a Festive Fundraising Evening on Saturday 2nd December 2017.  It was a full house of local friends who enjoyed a dinner followed by a festive evening session with some carols, entertainment and a short talk.  The evening also included a silent auction and in total raised £3275.

Adventure September (September 2017)

Our month of adventures in September saw our own CEO cycle the Tour O the Borders, a team of four complete the Rat Race (a crazy bike run and kayak across Scotland), the Abernethy Parish Church Minister complete the 5 Ferry Challenge - just to name a few!  Thank you to everyone who donated to an Adventure September challenge! 

Tenner Challenge (July - September 2017)

30 young people from this summer's Adventure Plus and Adventure Unlimited took on our Tenner Challenge!  We trusted them with a £10 note and for them to come up with a creative idea or initiative - with the money they raised going to the Courtyard Project.  There were some incredibly creative ideas and we are thankful to the parents who also facilitated it!

Spey in a Day (9th July 2017)

A team of 4 from Abernethy Ardgour paddled the River Spey in an attempt to break the unofficial world record for the fastest descent in a canoe from Kingussie to Spey Bay.  Needless to say they smashed it with a time of 15 hours, 24 minutes and 59 seconds, raising some fantastic sponsorship money for their efforts in the process!  Check out their video below!

Le Tour de Loch Tay! (25th-26th March 2017)

2 team members from Ardeonaig embarked on a 36 hour ski/walk challenge to circumnavigate Loch Tay.  This epic adventure saw them climbing Munros, Corbetts and other big hills!  Watch the video below to see how the adventure unfolded.  For safety reasons the whole loop wasn't completed, but it was an incredible attempt!  Their progress was well documented over The Courtyard Project Facebook page.  A huge thank you to everyone who donated and left words of encouragement for Dave and Phil. 

Flip for Abernethy (March 2017)

With a big pile of choclate at stake for the fundrsaisers involved, it was great to see people get involved in our Flip for Abernethy pancake party.  Well done to Lucy for winning most of the chocky stash and thank you to all whoo took part #flippinghero...

Villars Chalet Raffle (March 2017)

Our raffle to win a week in an amazing chalet in the Swiss resort of Villars was a great success and we are really grateful for all of those who bought tickets, we raised well over £1000!!

Primary School Video (January 2017)

We've produced a new video for the school groups that come and visit Nethybridge.  This is shown during the evening Explore sessions to explain what The Courtyard Project is and how everyone can get involved to help with the building of The Courtyard.

Fantastic New Year silent auction (January 2017)

We had generous donations from locals and friends of Abernethy which included a gramophone, a Man Utd signed football shirt and a ceramic chicken!  Our auction raised a stagering £1,700 - thank you to all who bid!

Our first fundraising e-news has been sent (December 2016)

If you would like to receive a copy of our project-specific e-news, please e-mail us and we’ll add you to our mailing list.

Great Abernethy Cake Off! (December 2016)

During our annual team conference, we invited all team members to join in a baking and gingerbread decorating competition which raised over £120 and provided huge amounts of cake for everyone during the week.


£150,000 mark has been passed (November 2016)

We are delighted to announce that we have passed the 10% stage in our fundraising and are now working towards £200,000! Many many thanks to all who have pledged and donated so far.

Auction of holiday flat in St Andrews (October 2016)

We were given a gift of a week in a holiday flat in St Andrews next summer and the two week auction raised an amazing £750 towards the project appeal. Many thanks to the generous donors for the flat.

Night time zip wire (October 2016)

The local community came together at the end of October to take part in a night time zip wire with barbecue. This fun event raised almost £500, thank you to all who took part and volunteered their time. 


Aviemore 10k run (October 2016)

Some team members from Nethybridge raised £400 taking part in the Aviemore 10k run. This and all of the teams fundraising efforts are being match-funded by pledges from a handful of generous individuals. 

The Courtyard Fundraising Project is officially launched (September 2016)

It's all systems go and the fundraiasing begins!

Planning permission has been granted! (August 2016)

With the full backing of the Cairngorm National Park, planning permission for the Courtyard Project has been granted. The next stage now is to work towards applying for a building warrant.

Headshave (August 2016)

Andrew, Simon and Pete from the Nethybridge Leadership Team bravely faced the razor in August and had their hair shaved off, raising nearly £1,500 in the process.


Bat survey results are in! (July 2016)

Following a night of bat patrols, we were pleased to hear that the bats in residence at Abernethy Nethybridge are not currently living in the parts of the buildings which will become a construction site once the build begins.

The fundraising team are appointed (June 2016)

We welcomed Alice Amies (previously our profile raiser) and Ruth Hutchison (who has long associations with Abernethy) to the fundraising team, which also includes Barry Edmondson (Deputy CEO), Andrew Marrian (Operations Director at Nethybridge) and Karen Edmondson (Marketing Manager).

Prayer texts start to go out (May 2016)

Thanks to modern technology, we are able to send out texts with prayer requests at salient moments during the project. To sign up to get real-time prayer texts please e-mail us